Obtaining Your Business License

A business license is required to operate a business in the city of Las Vegas and other nearby areas. Each of the following government entities has its own agency that issues licenses to businesses located within that particular jurisdiction. The location, type of business and mode of operation will determine the necessary license and where it should be obtained. Depending on to where in the Las Vegas area your business is going to be relocated, you will need to contact that area’s Business License Department.

General Licenses

Within the city of Las Vegas, you, a business owner, must acquire a business license for the type business you own. You must acquire said license within the first 30 days of operation. If you desire to have your business in your home, you can file an application with Development Services Center at 731 South Fourth Street.

You will want these documents available when applying for your business license: Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Fictitious Firm Name, State License Documentation, Insurance Binder or Letter of Intent, Original Bond, a letter of authorization, and a lease for use or proof of ownership of the business location.

If you are representing your corporation, you should have the name, title, Social Security number, date of birth, citizenship, residential address, telephone number and percent ownership in the company of the top three corporate officers and the local manager.

You will also need the name and street address of your corporation’s Nevada resident agent. Most business licenses in the city are general business licenses that can be issued within 30 days.

Privilege Licenses

Privilege licenses, which are licenses that require special approval by City Council, can take 60 days or more to acquire. Privilege Licenses are needed for liquor, gaming, secondhand dealers, pawnshops, child care, locksmiths, burglar alarm services, gun sales and distribution, massage establishments, martial arts, psychic arts, pawnbrokers, auctioneers, mobile food vendors and mobile ice cream vendors.

Who Can Help You?

Assorted government agencies have jurisdiction over various functions related to starting a business in Nevada. Refer to the list below to determine which government entity to consult for assistance:

State Government

  • Nevada Secretary of State: Forming a New Corporation, Registering a Foreign Corporation
  • Nevada Division of Industrial Relations: Worker’s Compensation, Written Workplace Safety Program
  • Nevada Department of Taxation: Sales Tax, Business Tax, Other Taxes
  • Nevada Employment Security: Unemployment Insurance
  • Nevada Contractors’ Board: Contractor’s License Nevada Department Motor: Motor Vehicles

County Government

  • Clark County Assessor: Property Tax
  • Clark County Air Pollution: Air Pollution Permits
  • County Clerk: Fictitious Name

Source:  City Of Las Vegas Finance And Business Services, City Of Las Vegas Office Of Business Development (January 2008)